Heat Sensitive Products

Heat Sensitive Policy
When purchasing heat sensitive items, it is understood that the purchaser is aware of our no refund/replacement policy on items of this nature. 
Heat sensitive items (most probiotics and most fish oils, for example) are ineligible for returns/refunds, unless the item was received in a damaged state or caused an adverse reaction. Please contact Fullscript Support if you need assistance in determining if your product is eligible for a return. 
To that end, we would like to clear up some confusion about Heat Sensitive items - we’re talking about probiotics and fish oils, specifically.
While products may be labeled as heat sensitive, they are not heat intolerant - essentially, it means that the product should be stored in a cool or refrigerated area before and upon opening/during use, to extend the life of the product. They are not so sensitive that the time it takes to get the product to you, the consumer, from the climate controlled storage unit at our warehouse that they would lose efficacy or viability. 
Products are produced to withstand extended shipping times - both domestic and internationally. The same product that you purchase in the US or Canada, is shipped to people in other continents. Products are produced to compensate for any losses during transit, so the product you receive is every bit as effective despite any changes in temperatures to get it to you.
Heat sensitive items (most probiotics and most fish oils, for example) are shipped with a cold pack; do not worry if the ice pack arrives melted. It may be warm or even hot upon receipt, since it absorbs heat during transit. This is absolutely normal. The vast majority of our probiotics and fish oils are manufactured to withstand extended shipping timeframes, and are still viable, even if they arrive to you warm or hot. 
Heat sensitive items are refrigerated during storage at our warehouses. For maximum stability in shipping during the summer months or if you live in a warmer climate year-round, we recommend priority (1-3 business day) or overnight shipping - ultimately, it is up to you, the customer, to decide what you are most comfortable with. We also recommend placing orders early in the week to help prevent the order from being stalled over the weekend or on holidays. 

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