ProBiotic LifeCycles And Shipping Policies

Every summer we receive numerous inquiries about probiotics and how they are affected by heat when they are being shipped. To better answer your questions, we reached out to many of our most popular probiotic manufacturers.

In general, the probiotics are formulated to withstand the heat of the summer months throughout the average shipping time. However, as a precaution, our warehouse will continue to send ice packs along with each order that includes a probiotic.

Here is a sample of the responses we received from our most popular brands. Please note, these answers do not represent all of the probiotics offered in our catalog. If you have specific questions about brands that are not covered in this document, or a specific situation not addressed here, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly. 

Da Vinci Labs 

"We guarantee our products until expiration if they are stored per the directions on our label. Probiotics are sensitive organisms and lose viability if exposed to extreme temperatures (above room temperature), moisture (humidity) and oxygen. Keeping a bottle tightly closed so it is not exposed to light or moisture and kept in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator tightly closed, optimizes the stability of the Probiotic. Sufficient overages are applied and specific storage conditions are established to support probiotic stability and viability."

Designs for Health

"Designs for Health has certain items that are sensitive to higher temperatures/higher humidity levels and may require shipping in a cool environment depending on your location and time of year. For example, we recommend probiotics ship year-round in a cool environment. All PaleoBar™ and softgels should ship cold from May 1st through September.

It is recommended that if the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit/27 degrees celsius, regardless of US location, these items are shipped in a cool environment with a cooler bag and cold packs. Designs for Health recommends that Heat Sensitive Products ship out in a cooler bag and be received by customers within 72 hours of order fulfillment."

Douglas Labs

"The probiotics are formulated for shelf stability but it is recommended to refrigerate after opening, unless stored in the temperature and humidity requirements specified on the label.  While ideally it should remain within the temperature parameters on the bottle, we realize that summer months have higher temperatures during transit.  We do not feel that a short exposure to a high temperature during shipping will significantly impact the product if unopened.  The probiotic cultures are sensitive to humidity and oxygen exposure in addition to temperature.

We suggest to immediately store in cool temps or refrigeration upon receipt of the item and to avoid sitting outside for extended periods of time.  If this does occur, please open the bottle and assess for any abnormal changes such as hardening of contents within the capsule."

Integrative Therapeutics

"Testing determined that the claimed potency of probiotics is not compromised during the few days of transit to your store or warehouse, even in the elevated heat and humidity of the summer months. However, to ensure maximum potency to your customers we ask that you promptly place your incoming deliveries of probiotics into refrigerated storage."

Innate Response

"Flora does require refrigeration for optimal potency. With that being said, we have found through testing that our products can maintain potency outside of refrigeration for about 7-10 days. For this reason, we do not require that Flora be shipped on ice. After this time, the potency may decrease, but the product will not spoil and is still safe to the consumer."

NFH Nutritional Fundamentals

Our probiotics including the Recovery will lose about a 2-4% efficiency at 30 days of not being refrigerated at room temperature (77 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit/25-27 degrees celsius). The probiotics do not spoil and will not cause you to become sick, they simply go through what we call “die off”. Some of the probiotics die and become inactive.

Please be assured that for a period of 1 week, the probiotics should be perfectly fine. Please contact me should you require any further clarification or have any other questions.

ProThera (and Klaire Labs)

"While the products may arrive warm or even hot, they are perfectly fine to take. They won’t spoil or go bad.  The products are manufactured to withstand travel and it’s expected that the cold pack will only stay cold for about the first day in transit – depending on the temperatures that it’s exposed to. The Ther-Biotic line of products is very stable for short periods of time.  Our international packages travel for much longer periods of time and are still potent when they arrive at their destination.

In addition, our products are produced with an overage that will compensate for any loss that may occur during transit. We do not have another way to ship them where we can guarantee that they will arrive cold because this is not necessary for our probiotics. Just put the unopened bottles in the refrigerator and get them cold again before they are opened, and they will be perfectly fine.  This is to avoid moisture being introduced into the bottle. That is more damaging to the probiotics than short term heat exposure."

Pure Encapsulations

"Pure Encapsulations probiotics are designed to be able to tolerate 3-5 days at room temperature without falling below label claim, however if they are kept at room temperature for longer than this or exposed to high heat there is likely a decline in potency. The ice pack in the probiotics will be warm by the time of arrival at 48 hours. However, we have done shipping studies to Utah in the heat of the summer months and determined that it protects the probiotics through the shipping process. Despite no longer being cold at the time of arrival, the probiotic viability (based on our shipping study results) will not be compromised during a 2-day shipping process even to very warm climates."

Thorne Research

"Neither of our Bacillus Coagulans or Floramend Prime Probiotic require refrigeration.  We would not suggest them being left out for long periods in very hot weather, as this is the case with any of our supplements."

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